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Twemmedia is a simple website that provides information tricks and tips about technology, computers, the Internet, even the windows with a cool theme free. This simple blog founded in 2015 ago and until now managed by an admin “Admin Official” and sometimes assisted by a writer from outside “Cilcila Lecty” who writes articles about technology in English.
Due to limitations of the writer, now twemmedia also receive posts from your adept at making articles about technology, etc., for those of you who want to contribute together twemmedia can send your writing via the contact us page on this website, which paastinya every article writing you successfully perform in twemmedia will we paid in accordance with the agreement. a little extra info, for the blog / website that distributes from twemmedia so as to omit the source link active on this blog in order to appreciate the work of others “respect others if you also want to be appreciated”.
Articles and tutorials from twemmedia we hope can be useful for all those who need it, when you have suggestions, comments and if the article or writing more articles to an error we sincerely hope you reported via the contact us blog or via fanspage facebook twemmedia to get us fix as soon as possible for the convenience of visitors with the updated information. Thanks regards twemmedia team.