Best List Of All Hidden iPhone Secret Service Codes 2016 (secret codes for iphone 4, 4C, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6S)

Best List Of All Hidden iPhone Secret Service Codes 2016
The secret code of the iphone, IOS is one of the best mobile operating system with super high security. There are many secrets and hidden features on the iphone. IOS is getting smarter day by day there are many features that are hidden from normal users that you can access via the iphone's hidden secret code only the 2016 edition. iPhone developers are also creating many backdoor through which you can enter into the system and you can change the settings. This is not meant to be used this backdoor to malicious intent because the developers blocked some backdoor fashion and this is the way or allow the user to log into the system and let you become familiar with the system. In this smartphone is a backdoor hidden secret codes. This is a symbolic number sequence allows you to access system settings for multiple uses. So here we are collecting some of the secret code of the iphone. Perhaps many who do not know the secret code of the iphone, now a team of twemmedia will discuss the wide variety of iphone secret codes and functions of the secret code:

Iphone Secret Code 2016 (Secret code iphone 4, Secret code iphone 5, Secret code iphone 5S, Secret code iphone 6, Secret code iphone 6S)

# 06 #

This code helps to know the IMEI number of your phone i.e. the iphone will work on any smartphone.
Best List Of All Hidden iPhone Secret Service Codes 2016

# 21 #

This code will display information about call forwarding (call, voice and data) you are doing through your iphone
Best List Of All Hidden iPhone Secret Service Codes 2016

# 62 #

This code displays information call forwarding if the phone is switched on or in case of no service available

## 002 #

This code disables all call forwarding

# 30 #

This code allows you to block your phone number
Best List Of All Hidden iPhone Secret Service Codes 2016

# 31 #

This code allows you to hide your phone number
Best List Of All Hidden iPhone Secret Service Codes 2016

# 33 #

This code will give you a list with some configuration such as (calls, sms, data, etc.) and indicate whether they are enabled or not
Best List Of All Hidden iPhone Secret Service Codes 2016

# 43 #

This code helps to verify the status of waiting like SMS, Data and data synchronization
Best List Of All Hidden iPhone Secret Service Codes 2016

# 61 #

This code is to know the missed calls on your iphone
So here's a list of all of a list of secret codes hidden iphone 2016 works on all ios 8.7, and 6 on the iphone, iphone, iphone plus 6 5s, iphone 3gs 5.4 and also these secret codes work on the ipad, even though it's not yet the whole iphone secret codes, because there are still some secret code iphone that we don't add to this article. twemmedia hope this code is useful for you iphone users come and share to your friends to let them know the secret code of the iphone.
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